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China gifted Soft Silk to the World

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Chinese Soft Silk

According to the clothing history, it was around At least 7,000 years back in human history. Evidence to this effect can be found among the ruins at Hemudu in Zhejiang province.

As well, their textile industry has numerous valuable factors and it shows us the history of silk history. People in ancient China found the art of how to make silk from worms. According to those factors China can be regarded as the home to this ever-valuable industry.  

In the past Chinese people had tried to accelerate or slow down the growth of these worms by changing the temperature of the environment. Through this process they could produce high-value yarn which leads to produced high-quality garments.

In addition, it was used to produce different kinds of items ranging from furniture, wall hangings with writing paper, and comfortable clothes. Thus, products made out of silk are gifted to the people on some special occasions and events. Not only that, from the high value of the silk they traded with many countries around the world and on the other hand they made more profits and created great trading opportunities as well.

Nowadays, we can see highly technically advanced methods due to the demand from the silk industry. However, it is still evident that the People’s Republic of China is the largest manufacturer of the silk industry.

Written by : Radhika Ariyapperuma

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